Kenya and Tanzania

Travels around Kenya and Tanzania in 2008

In 2008 I attempted one of the hardest challenges in the world, let alone being something that I had any experience of; climbing Kilimanjaro. My reward afterwards, if successful, was a safari and lying on a beach.

My trip

My main aim, other than getting away from England for a few weeks in the sun, was to climb Mt Kilimanjaro. Although not on the scale of Everest or something in terms of difficulty, it is still 5891.6m (every cm counts!) and not going to be such an easy task as I imagined beforehand. No rock climbing involved, apparently anyway, but acute mountain sickness is still a big deal to overcome. So, after this, if I survived, anything else is a bonus! The next couple of weeks afterwards were devoted to a safari in the Serengeti and then a week on the coast and the tropical Island of Zanzibar where I could finally relax, get my sun and scuba dive.

Rough plan

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