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Borneo - 2013

A year on from a trip to Thailand and I am going back to South East Asia, this time to the Malaysian North East corner of Borneo.

Thailand - 2012

Come February 2012 I will once again be escaping the English winter and be jetting off for my first trip to Asia in the form of three weeks in Thailand.

Central America - 2009

Central America has always been a fascination to me, the Mayan ruins, the Spanish history, the beautiful clear blue Caribbean sea.

Kenya and Tanzania - 2008

In 2008 I attempted one of the hardest challenges in the world, let alone being something that I had any experience of; climbing Kilimanjaro. My reward afterwards, if successful, was a safari and lying on a beach.

South America - 2005

At the start of 2005 I decided to quit my job and fly off to South America. A hasty decision reinforced on the plane over there when I couldn’t understand a word of the Spanish the Ecuadorian lady next to me was speaking! Luckily as I was immersed in the country I was able to build on the basic holiday Spanish I had learnt from a CD and I survived.

Europe - 2002

A few months backpacking around Europe in 2002. Was Europe a good place to start as my first trip away on my own?