Projects: stuff I've made

Web apps #RubyOnRails

A web application that enables you to capture a snapshot of some datasources such as Twitter, News, etc when you like, allowing you to remember the moment or check out what else was happening when you saved your “special moment”.

GB GeoJSON #Javascript, #ReactJs

View, create, edit, transform GeoJSON map data in British National Grid reference system.

slowwly #Ruby, #Sinatra, #ReactJs, #Docker

A test service to mock a slow api response; responds to get and post methods.

haz-commitz #RubyOnRails

A Github badge service conveying how recently a project has been worked on.


five-star #Ruby

FiveStar is a library to build a rating system - it allows you to rate something in your domain by various classification or criteria you define. This library gives you the structure to rate your object with as many of these different classifications as you like with the overall rating calculated from the weighted average.

ferver #Ruby

A Ruby gem to serve files over HTTP, packaged as a Ruby gem.

This is super, simple ruby gem to serve files over http, useful as a basic file server to quickly share files on your local network or something over the web. Just install the gem and go!

London Bike Hire CLI #Ruby

A simple command line interface to London’s Bike Hire API.

This gem provides a command line interface to find information about London’s Bike Hire stations, it allows you to find stations by name or their ID or a location and retrieve information about the status of a station.

I got fed up digging through the official map to see which bike stations were free - everyone knows the command line is way more efficient.

$ gem install london-bike-hire-cli
$ lbh near --search 'kings cross'
----- Bike station
Id: 439
Name: Killick Street, Kings Cross
Lat: 51.5338
Long: -0.118677
Temporary: false
Bikes: 13
Docks_free: 9
Docks_total: 22
Link to map:,-0.118677,17z
Updated at: 2015-03-31 20:46:01

Jekyll Twitter plugin #Ruby, #Jekyll

A Liquid tag plugin for Jekyll blogging engine that embeds Tweets, Timelines and more from Twitter API.

Jekyll Version plugin #Ruby, #Jekyll

A Liquid tag plugin for Jekyll that renders your git repo’s current tag or commitish.


Mobile apps

passwd-ob #Android, #Java

A simple password helper application for Android - select and display any character of a password.

Javascript libs

gbify-geojson #Javascript, #GIS

A Javascript library to reproject GeoJSON between OSGB36 GB National Grid and WGS84 CRSs.

With this library we can reproject to or from the coordinate reference system WGS84 and the projected local coordinate system OSGB36, EPSG:27700, British National Grid. The library will reproject all coordinate data in a GeoJSON object to / from these reference systems.

os-leaflet #Javascript, #Leafletjs

A Leafletjs TileLayer to display Ordnance Survey map data in your Leaflet map via the OS OpenSpace web map service.

The os-leaflet project is a new L.TileLayer that can be used to easily get Ordnance Survey products into a Leaflet map.

Other stuff

vagrant-javadev-box #Vagrant, #Puppet, #Java

Build a basic Vagrant box set for Java development with Jdk, Postgres and Maven installed via puppet.

This is intended as a base off which to add specific customisation; fork and adapt or use as is.