The Twitter account - Mr Correcter

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Update 29 July 2012: Twitter disabled the @Mr_Correcter account :(Not sure if anyone complained or automated analysis of the account’s posting history (many replies) flagged it up as annoying. Probably best for everyone all round.

About @Mr_Correcter

I created the Twitter account @Mr_Correcter as a development exercise and funny test… little did I know I would start getting abuse - He is only trying to help!

@Mr_Correcter is a friendly guy, he searches Twitter for spelling mistakes and replies to the tweets pointing out to the tweeters that they have misspelled a word, what’s not to like about him? OK. So he’s not real. Of course he’s not. @Mr_Correcter is a real Twitter account but he is just some Ruby code I came up with to test playing with the Twitter Ruby Gem - at regular intevals it uses the Twitter API to find pre-defined spelling mistakes and posts automated status updates (reply_to) as the @Mr_Correcter account.


The interesting point from this exercise is not me writing the code, it has been the replies to @Mr_Correcter - or should it actually be the linux user that runs the code?! - from annoyed Twitter users. He has only been running a few days and look at some of the replies below!

Note from these is that most are American; so Americans seem to have problems spelling (had better double check this website) and most replies are from Americans so they also seem intent of writing rubbish back!

Here are some replies to @Mr_Correcter:

Took me a while to work out what brah and dgaf mean!

You will slap the shit out of a bit of software? wow. hard.

At least he got you’re right. And wrong about the faggot, @Mr_correcter has no sexual preference, he just likes spelling mistakes.

Sorry, @Mr_correcter is not interested in what you have done today, only spelling.

Straight and to the point. I like it.

@Mr_correcter likes compliments.