Mapping BBC Price of Football survey

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The BBC have released results of a survey undertaken in 2012 involving 166 clubs in 10 divisions across British football, including the Conference Premier and Women’s Super League gathering the prices for the most expensive, and cheapest, season tickets and adult matchday tickets along with a programme and some say, most importantly a pie and tea. The results have been published on the BBC website but I notice two problems;

I have grabbed their results and geolocated all 166 clubs, this then enables you to plot the data on a map (in this case via Ordnance Survey OpenSpace) as I have done in my app.

BBC Price of Football 2012 mapped

Creating the map

Get the BBC data
Simple script to scrape the BBC webpage and output the table data into CSV
Geocode the clubs
I found a source of all address of Football clubs so easy to geocode this via Ordnance Survey data
Format the data
I output the data in geoJSON which is easy to integrate into OpenLayers and allowed me to store the club price data as feature attributes
Display the data
The map is using OpenLayers and Ordnance Survey OpenSpace mapping, the geoJSON is read on page load and displayed as styled vectors


So what do the results show? There has always been talk of a north/south divide in football, and indeed GB in general but the results show that this is not the case, yes the most expensive tickets are in the South but the North has its share too. I think basically the ‘big’ clubs charge big money no matter where they are, now if you could also quantify and display value for money then that would be a useful graphic.For football fans, I suppose one use of this map could be to decide where you will watch your football, you could find the cheapest clubs around you and then decide where you part with your cash. Just because ‘big’ clubs charge so much for match tickets and related items doesn’t mean you have to pay it in order to view live football.

@datasource: via Google Docs